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Paving tiles

LLC Planeta RS has its own line for the production of paving tiles in Kherson. Thanks to our own concrete unit, as well as various molds and toppings, we produce high-quality and reliable paving tiles. Since we are a broad-based construction organization, in addition to the sale of paving tiles, we provide services for the delivery and installation of tiles in Kherson and the Kherson region.

You can buy paving tiles in Kherson from the manufacturer at the best price, as well as delivery of tiles, laying of tiles and other landscaping works, by contacting us by phone at (095) 271 40 06

Advantages of paving slabs from LLC Planeta RS

  • Interactions of sidewalk tiles with the surrounding environment

In the production of sidewalk tiles, components that do not contain carcinogens are used, so the tiles do not release toxic substances during atmospheric heating or precipitation. Considering this important environmental indicator, asphalt pavement significantly lags behind paving stones or concrete tiles.

  • Longevity of sidewalk tiles in use

The types of manufacturing processes for sidewalk tiles, such as the latest methods of “vibration pressing” and “vibration casting,” ensure high resistance to mechanical impacts. The significant strength and low coefficient of friction greatly increase the lifespan of sidewalk tiles and help maintain their good appearance for a long time.

  • Ease of repair and maintenance of sidewalk tiles

It is not difficult to clean any dirt from sidewalk tiles. Individual fragments of sidewalk tiles can be easily replaced with new ones. In case of repair or dismantling of utilities passing under the sidewalk tiles, they can be reused while preserving the quality of the concrete tiles.

  • Weather resistance of sidewalk tiles

Concrete sidewalk tiles can withstand any seasonal weather conditions and fluctuations in external temperatures. They have high frost resistance and can endure low temperatures without deformation or cracking. The high frost resistance allows the use of concrete sidewalk tiles in areas with severe climatic conditions.

  • Aesthetic parameters of sidewalk tiles

Concrete sidewalk tiles are manufactured in various sizes, textures, and thicknesses. They are available in a wide range of colors, allowing for various planned design solutions, including different patterns, designs, and even pictures. Sidewalk tiles, also known as paving stones, can be used in urban areas as well as suburban sectors.

  • Economic aspect of sidewalk tiles

Comparing the cost of sidewalk tiles and asphalt pavement, it can be noted that the price of sidewalk tiles is slightly higher than asphalt. However, the installation and service costs can be almost balanced. Additionally, sidewalk tiles are easier to maintain and more cost-effective to maintain.

What are paving tiles? Such street covering as paving tiles is a series of small elements of different shapes that allow you to create a complete design of the selected landscape. It is very suitable for arranging:

  • elements of the landscape in the country or garden;
  • entrances to offices or shops;
  • decoration of the inner territory of the yard;
  • bridges;
  • sidewalks;
  • areas and much more.

It is not enough to just buy paving tiles to create a full-fledged canvas. You will also need:

  • curbs;
  • steps;
  • decorative columns;
  • railings;
  • vases for decoration;
  • columns as barriers (for example, for parking lot exits/entrances);
  • concrete hemispheres.

You can buy paving tiles in Kherson in various options: classic paving; standard brick square slabs of various sizes; under an ancient stone; imitation of antique squares; rhomboid shape of elements; equilateral hexagon; double T; monolithic; parking grid, implying the presence of parts of the lawn.
Thanks to the many combinations, as well as the selection of colors, you can not only buy paving tiles, but also create your own unique and impressive design.


Planet RS produces high-quality paving slabs using the vibropressing method. Already at the first stages of the development of this direction, the company won recognition among consumers, thanks to the high quality of products and services. The use of high-tech equipment, trained and trained production personnel, the availability of a warehouse, the fulfillment of individual orders allows us to satisfy the requirements of any customers. Paving tiles have a very aesthetic appearance, thanks to a wide palette of shades, a variety of shapes, sizes, and stand out favorably from among all types of pavement coverings due to their durability, ease of installation and price.

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