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Production of industrial floors

Concrete poured floors from the manufacturer LLC Planeta RS

Industrial floors

Construction company LLC Planeta RS produces high-strength industrial floors. Traditionally, industrial floors are used in industrial buildings, warehouses, and parking areas. Due to their properties, industrial floors are able to withstand maximum loads, have low dust generation, high water resistance, are easy to operate and maintain, are durable and resistant to

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Technology of arrangement of industrial floors.
A standard industrial floor, as a rule, consists of a base (concrete preparation) and a coating (a material that gives the surface basic consumer properties).

The existing concrete coating or compacted soil is used for the base of any floor, on which the finishing layer of concrete is laid. With favorable geological characteristics of the site, it is recommended to lay reinforced or fiber concrete industrial floors, which will significantly save time and money, with weak soils, it is necessary to make a reinforced concrete preparation with a thickness of 10-15 cm and only after that pour the finishing concrete floor with a thickness of at least 12 cm Coverage
industrial floor may vary depending on the required characteristics of the project.

Concrete reinforced with short scraps of steel fibers, made of steel sheet, wire, melt, etc., was called steel fiber concrete. Steel fiber concrete has the following technical advantages in comparison with ordinary reinforced concrete: increased crack resistance, impact strength, wear resistance, frost resistance; the possibility of using more effective structural solutions than with conventional reinforcement; reduction of labor costs for reinforcement work, increase in the degree of mechanization and automation of production of reinforced concrete structures, in particular floors.


Industrial floors

The use of steel-reinforced concrete allows you to significantly (by 30-40%) reduce the thickness of the screed without losing its strength, increase the life of the floor by 2-4 times, and get a good economic effect by reducing the costs of repairing the covering.
This type of flooring is most often installed at facilities where increased crack resistance of the floor is required and there are restrictions on the thickness of the concrete.
In cases where the surfaces are subject to increased requirements for strength and abrasion, we recommend the use of BAUTECH filler. BAUTECH’s topping is a dry cement-based reinforcing mixture with the addition of quartz, metal shavings or corundum, characterized by increased hardness and resistance to particle abrasion. It is applied directly to freshly laid concrete and
is rubbed with grouting machines. The grade of concrete of such a surface reaches M600.

The use of topping makes it possible to solve the problem of strengthening the surface layer of concrete foundations, their effective protection against the effects of moisture and various chemicals, and also to ensure the simplicity and safety of floor operation at relatively low material costs.
The construction company Planet RS produces the following types of industrial floors

  • Poured floors
  • Polymer floors
  • Concrete floors with a reinforced top layer (topping)

Field of application of industrial floors:

  • production and industrial complexes
  • supermarkets, shopping complexes
  • office premises
  • underground and surface parking lots

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