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Production of warehouse floors

Concrete poured floors from the manufacturer Planeta LLC RS

Warehouse floor.
Since warehouses are in constant operation, their floors are subjected to significant loads. Heavy loads are placed on them, forklifts, lifting platforms and other equipment are moved along them. Therefore, such surfaces must have sufficient resistance to various static and dynamic loads

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Recuirements for warehouse floors

Floors for the warehouse can be assigned to one of four categories, depending on the purpose of the warehouse – production, universal, specialized or industrial. The influence of the atmosphere is also taken into account if the structure of the warehouse is open. At the same time, warehouse floors are characterized by a long service life, regardless of its intensity.

Warehouse floors

Floors for the warehouse, made of concrete, in some cases can act as an independent floor covering. This is possible if the latter does not have very high requirements for strength, as well as for mechanical and chemical influences.
Otherwise, the issue is resolved by using a high-strength concrete floor covering. Primers with low viscosity are used to combat adhesion. At the same time, the issue of crack formation is solved by introducing a plasticizer into the concrete composition or by metal reinforcement.

Floors for the warehouse, which have a concrete base, can also be equipped with a reinforced upper layer, that is, a topping. The use of strengthening toppings in this case allows you to increase impact and wear resistance many times.

The topping is applied with the help of grouting machines on the concrete floor; this mixture can have various substances in its composition, for example, quartz, cement, metal shavings. The addition of such particles depends on the required strength of the filling.
This coating can be applied to both freshly laid floors and old concrete floors. It is usually used in industrial or commercial buildings, for example, in garages, factories, warehouses, shopping centers, railway stations, etc.


Warehouse polymer floors
Industrial polymer floors can be epoxy, methyl methacrylate, polyurethane and epoxy-urethane. Each type has its own advantages, which allows you to choose a cover depending on the proposed requirements. At the same time, warehouse floors can be characterized by increased resistance to aggressive environments, temperature changes, vibration and other factors.

Compliance with technological standards for warehouse floors
Compliance with the necessary technological standards is of great importance for the production of high-quality industrial flooring. One of the determining factors is the requirement to maintain a certain level of humidity during the work. Warehouse floors are made at a relative humidity of no more than 60%. At the same time, the moisture content of the surface of the concrete base should be less than 5%. Only under such conditions can you avoid the appearance of bubbles on the surface of the coating.
Compliance with the temperature regime is no less important for obtaining a high-quality coating. Already at a temperature below + 5 ° C, the fluidity of the material will decrease, and at more than + 25 ° C, it will harden too quickly.

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