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Production of concrete screed

Concrete poured floors from the manufacturer LLC Planeta RS

Concrete floor screed

Concrete floor screed is a process that is necessary in construction. According to the construction technology, in most cases, before starting to lay the floors, it is necessary to make a screed. In other words, the screed is a layer between the actual floor and the ceiling. Also, the screed is the primary work for obtaining finished floors, because any top covering for the floor rests perfectly on a flat base. Now several types of screeds are used – concrete, semi-dry, dry, etc.

As a rule, they choose a concrete floor screed, which is a traditional, reliable and tested option. The most important advantage of this type of screed is its affordability and high environmental purity of the materials used. Concrete floor screed is made of cement, sand and fillers, such as crushed stone and lime, gravel and expanded clay.

The purpose of using a concrete floor screed

If the screed is made correctly, then during operation of the building structure, the following is achieved:

  • maximum leveling of the surface;
  • increasing stiffness and strength;
  • increase in heat and sound insulation of the room;

Disadvantages of concrete screed
There are a number of disadvantages of a concrete floor screed, especially for work in garages and other industrial premises. This is the appearance of dustiness, the sensitivity of the floor to such chemicals as gasoline, oils, automotive chemicals. During the work process, stains from these substances always appear on the floor, which are difficult to remove. But all these small flaws are minimized with the use of a special protective layer. The specialists of our company can recommend different mixtures for this protective layer. Professionals have found the concrete screed option to be undoubtedly beneficial and recommend using it even in the most aggressive operating conditions.

Бетонна стяжка Херсон, бетонні підлоги, підлоги для складу Планета РС Херсон
Бетонна стяжка Херсон, бетонні підлоги, підлоги для складу Планета РС Херсон
Бетонна стяжка Херсон, бетонні підлоги, підлоги для складу Планета РС Херсон

New technologies in floor screeding
The technology of concrete floor screed arose a long time ago, but, as a rule, it was used mainly on small areas. Today, the concrete floor screed has found application for both civil and industrial construction. Along with the classic concrete screed, cement-based poured concrete floors, which are characterized by high strength, compression, and bending, have gained great popularity. Cement bulk floors consist of Portland cement and a number of chemical additives and fillers.

Our concrete floors are made as durable, functional and practical as possible. The company also has a flexible pricing policy and is always happy to offer you the most favorable conditions for ordering the service.

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