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Polytherm floors

Production of polytherm (polystyrene concrete)

Polytherm (polystyrene concrete) – construction mortar consists of cement, water and expanded polystyrene material. Prepared directly at the construction site, specially treated polystyrene balls do NOT float in the solution layer, thanks to which high heat and sound insulation is achieved. The specific weight of the resulting polystyrene concrete is 8 times lighter than traditional concrete.

The field of polytherm application is very widespread, both during the construction of new buildings and during reconstruction. Thanks to its characteristics, the polytherm allows you to quickly build economical, warm, environmentally friendly and fire-safe buildings and structures. Styrofoam concrete is the optimal base for various types of floors.

The decisive factor for the strength of the polytherm is the structure of hardened cement paste, surrounding particles of foamed plastic fillers, which affects the mass of concrete. In addition, the shape and size of the grains, as well as the surface structure of the polystyrene foam aggregates used, are important. Unlike mineral fillers, the dosage of expanded polystyrene fillers is not determined by mass, but by volume. Thus, it is possible to precisely set the volume of pores and, thanks to this, the volume mass of polystyrene concrete, and to produce polystyrene concrete with a structure with closed pores.

Properties and characteristics of polytherm

  • low volume mass,
  • good thermal insulation of foamed particles, thanks to which there is practically no water absorption,
  • spherical shape, which is better from the point of view of static loads.
  • excellent sanitary and epidemiological indicators,
  • excellent comfort of living in houses made of polystyrene concrete,
  • good vapor permeability and environmental cleanliness of polystyrene concrete structures are dry (no more than 4% humidity),
  • in case of wetting of constructions in an emergency situation, the polytherm and its products dry quickly without loss of strength;
  • the highest ratio of density to heat-insulating capacity among analogues;
  • the highest ratio of moisture resistance to thermal insulation capacity among analogues;
  • the highest ratio of durability to heat-insulating capacity among analogues;

Field of application of polytreme:

  • Foundation preparation, covering for floors and roofs, pouring on wooden floors.
  • Multi-layer screeds for the final finishing of the floor.
  • Pouring on the surface for the formation of slopes on terraces and flat roofs, with subsequent sticker or laying of the coating (sticker of a roll roof (on bitumen mastic or fire agent), coating of rubber bitumen mastics, laying of ceramic tiles, etc.).
  • Thermal insulation for used attic spaces.
  • The segments are heat-insulated with slopes up to 30%, with subsequent cladding with roofing material.
  • Filling voids and thick sinuses.
  • Preparation for asphalt covering (protection against freezing).
  • Preparation for industrial floors.

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