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Production of commercial concrete

Commercial concrete of any brands from the manufacturer LLC Planeta RS
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Купити бетон Херсон Бетон М200, Бетон М300, Бетон М400

Concrete and concrete mixtures

Concrete is the main building material used in all branches of construction.
Our company produces commercial concrete using its own technical base. The sale of concrete is possible both on self-pickup terms and with delivery to the customer’s facility. We have specialized equipment at our disposal, with the help of which we will deliver concrete in Kherson and the Kherson region or to any settlement quickly and inexpensively.

Among the most common brands of ready-mix concrete, M 200, M 300, M 400 should be noted. Prompt delivery at the expense of our own fleet of concrete mixers allows you to fully preserve the quality characteristics of ready-mix concrete, thereby eliminating the loss of the technological properties of the mortar.

Production on modern high-tech equipment makes it possible to fulfill orders not only for common brands of commercial concrete, but also for the production of mixtures with special recipes

In private construction, commercial concrete is successfully used for the arrangement of floors and partitions, in urban construction it is used for the production of lightweight porous blocks.
You can always buy commercial concrete with delivery in Kherson from Planeta RS LLC, we also sell building materials, concrete products, and bulk materials: sand, crushed stone, screening.


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