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Production of concrete floors

Concrete poured floors from the manufacturer Planeta LLC RS

Concrete floors from the manufacturer

Concrete floors differ from ordinary quick pouring. They are used in those types of premises, the floors of which are subject to periodic high loads, wear and tear, temperature changes: warehouses, garages, farm buildings, parking areas, commercial premises (shops, shopping centers).

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Types of concrete coating
There are two different types of concrete floors. They differ mainly in manufacturing technology. These are poured concrete floors and ordinary ones. The technology of pouring concrete using topping is in great demand at the moment. This is a special mixture that is applied to the top layer of concrete.

Advantages of topping:

  • a large scope of application;
  • gives an aesthetic appearance;
  • heat resistance increases;
  • minimal dustiness of the floor;
  • protection against moisture;
  • економія на бетоні (топпінг можна застосовувати на будь-якому бетоні);
  • impact resistance;
  • the wear resistance of the coating increases and its service life increases;

The topping is applied with the help of grouting machines on the concrete floor; this mixture can have various substances in its composition, for example, quartz, cement, metal shavings. The addition of such particles depends on the required strength of the filling.
This coating can be applied to both freshly laid floors and old concrete floors. It is usually used in industrial or commercial buildings, for example, in garages, factories, warehouses, shopping centers, railway stations, etc.


Types of concrete floors

Poured floor
The poured concrete floor is distinguished by its seamless coating, durability, and aesthetic appearance. The industrial poured floor is resistant to moisture, to low and high temperatures, wear-resistant and withstands heavy loads. The basis for application can be a fresh concrete floor, and an old poured floor, cement-sand screed, fibrous concrete. It is widely used in educational and medical institutions, industrial workshops.

Multi-layer floor
If the floor will have to be constantly exposed to a very heavy load, for example, in rooms with a large production, then it is made with a multi-layer coating method. At the same time, reinforcement of concrete with steel fiber concrete is used, which has an undeniable advantage over ordinary reinforced concrete, including increased wear resistance, frost resistance, and reduced labor costs.

Polymer floors
This is the best solution for food industry enterprises, chemical industry and those objects where the floor is usually exposed to frequent exposure to chemicals. Polyurethane and epoxy resins serve as the basis of this floor.
The polymer floor is poured on top of the concrete surface. A high-quality preparation of the concrete floor is required for accurate and perfect application of the coating.

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