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Production of buildings from metal structures

Frameless and frame structures from the manufacturer Planeta LLC RS

Buildings made of metal structures.
The development of the construction market leads to increasingly high requirements for the construction of buildings of any complexity, namely today, more than ever, it is necessary to implement a construction object reliably, efficiently and in the shortest possible time. In this connection, the use of metal structures in the construction of buildings is gaining wide popularity. The use of metal structures in industrial and civil construction has long proven itself as an effective and high-quality method of implementing quickly assembled structures. Metal constructions are used where necessary in the shortest possible time, and most importantly reliably, to build buildings of medium and large areas.

The following main areas of application of metal structures are distinguished:

  • agriculture – barns, warehouses, storages, cowsheds, farms, greenhouses
  • aviation – hangars, boxes
  • business commerce – offices, warehouses
  • motor transport industry – garages, hangars

Metal buildings

When it comes to the agricultural industry, almost all agricultural buildings are made using metal structures. Such structures provide the necessary protection in all aspects of agriculture. Pantries, warehouses, storages, cowsheds, farms, greenhouses made of metal structures are economical and quick to erect. Metal structures offer maximum design flexibility for your unique building project.

Quick-mounted structures made of metal structures.
Construction company Planeta RS LLC will be able to make your warehouse complex high-tech, with an attractive appearance, as well as satisfy your needs for storing goods, technological facilities, and production complexes. Clear running distances, long bays, mezzanines, high eaves, different heights – any functional requirement can be fulfilled precisely. You get maximum useful storage capacity per square meter and maximum efficiency.


Our experience and high quality of metal structures with the use of special equipment – cranes and other heavy equipment, makes it possible to realize construction objects of any complexity.

Ordering the construction of frame and frameless hangars in our company is the right decision for you, as it will save time and money. We will build metal hangars for you in any corner of Ukraine at the optimal cost.

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