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Production of vegetable storage

Frameless and frame structures from the manufacturer Planeta LLC RS

Frameless vegetable storage
One of the areas of specialization of our company is providing clients with high-quality services in the design, production and construction of quickly assembled frameless vegetable storages using unique technologies.
Such types of vegetable storage are attractive to customers due to the speed of construction, as well as relatively low cost

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Advantages of modern construction of vegetable storages

  • The term of effective service is more than 50 years.
  • Fast construction speed, not exceeding one month.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • The originality of the implemented architectural solutions and the fulfillment of all the customer’s requirements.

The construction of frameless vegetable storages is currently considered the most economical due to the following reasons:

  • It has a reduced material capacity.
  • It has increased tightness compared to other types of vegetable storage.
  • Has unparalleled lightness.
  • Requires the use of a cheap foundation.

The basis of many quickly assembled structures from our company is profiled metal with an applied polymer protective coating. The spacious vegetable storage is equipped with the necessary thermal insulation, effective ventilation, as well as a system for maintaining optimal temperature conditions. These are the most important factors for organized, high-quality storage of placed products.


The price of building vegetable storages is currently quite profitable and very affordable for various categories of customers and organizations, as the latest innovative technologies are used in the construction process. At the same time, there is no need to erect complex buildings with preliminary preparation of a strong foundation, construction of hangars with the necessary assembly of a metal frame, as well as other rather complex construction processes.

Безкаркасні овочесховища Херсон Планета РС
Безкаркасні овочесховища Херсон Планета РС
Безкаркасні овочесховища Херсон Планета РС

We are pleased to offer the construction of vegetable storages for the placement of fodder, food, and seed types of various crops. According to the customer’s requirements, the room can be equipped for one type of high-quality placement of any vegetables. It can be a spacious storage for cabbage, darkened for potatoes, as well as other root crops.

We also build modern combined warehouses with various equipment and internal equipment for storing various types of products. In accordance with the client’s requirements, we can effectively plan the interior of such a spacious vegetable storage, that is, create large compartments and deep bunkers, install shelves and various fences.

Ordering the construction of frameless hangars in our company is the right decision for you, as it will save time and money. We will build frameless hangars for you in any corner of Ukraine at the best price.

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