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Production of frameless warehouses

Frameless and frame structures from the manufacturer LLC Planeta RS

Frameless warehouses

One of the areas of specialization of our company at present is the construction of modern quickly assembled warehouses for the placement of a wide variety of goods and products.
These can be:

  • Various food products.
  • Industrial products.
  • Various materials for construction.

For various companies that need very quick construction of a warehouse, as well as the organization of temporary storage of products, frameless buildings are the most optimal solution.

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Construction of turnkey warehouses takes place quickly due to the prepared state of all elements of the building structure. The foundation is built directly at the construction site and the structure is built with the help of a crane. Working parts must be checked for strength before being sent to the site, which completely excludes the use of low-quality materials for construction.

Arch-type frameless warehouse

Thanks to the use of a modern modular system, the structures built by us are quickly assembled and disassembled at any place specified by the client. They are designed in accordance with snow and wind loads in different regions of Ukraine. The arch shape of the warehouse has a large load-bearing capacity, as well as a small material capacity, so such a steel structure has high strength, as well as unusual lightness.

The construction of turnkey warehouses requires taking into account the strength of each material used in the structure. The roof, ends and walls of the tent warehouse must be covered with a special polyvinyl chloride film, which is resistant to pollution, and also treated with a special composition to improve fire safety. It does not break down under the influence of sunlight and is resistant to temperature changes or heavy loads, has tightness and is not afraid of moisture.
construction of warehouses

Due to the high humidity and rather unstable weather conditions, various crops require the presence of a volume chamber for the drying process, arranged in such a spacious granary. Granaries must be equipped with modern mechanization for working with grain, which provides an opportunity to optimize transport costs.

The frameless type of granary under construction is the best option for high-quality storage and monitoring of dried and cleaned harvested grain. At the same time, after drying and cleaning, there are no special requirements for storing the stored grain. At the same time, there is no need to install complex ventilation systems, the structure only needs to track humidity indicators, as well as the number of insects in the grain layer.

Безкаркасні склади Херсон Планета РС
Безкаркасні склади Херсон Планета РС
Безкаркасні склади Херсон Планета РС

Our company has been engaged in the construction of quickly assembled warehouses for many years. Our warehouses are reliable structures that fully meet all the requirements of accepted standards! When contacting us, clients receive a project created taking into account the climate of the area, as well as a warehouse structure that will serve for a very long time.

The decision to build a warehouse is a rational option for various manufacturing and trade enterprises. A significant speed of construction of warehouses, increased mobility, as well as a cost that is quite affordable for customers – are far from all the advantages of buildings of this type. The increased functionality of such a structure allows it to be completed, rebuilt, as well as moved to another place for operation.

The cost of building a warehouse

Before announcing the cost of such a structure, an estimate must be drawn up indicating the dimensions of the future object, its location, as well as the materials required for construction.

After the approval of the planned technical task, the price of the construction of a quickly assembled warehouse is announced to the customers

Ordering the construction of frameless hangars in our company is the right decision for you, as it will save time and money. We will build frameless hangars for you in any corner of Ukraine at the best price.

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