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Production of granaries

Frameless and frame structures from the manufacturer LLC Planeta RS

Frameless granaries
One of the areas of specialization of our company is the quick construction of frameless granaries. We design and carry out such a process as the turnkey construction of granaries.

The construction of such buildings has become widespread due to the rather high pace of construction and low cost of execution. Obligatory observance of all working technologies during construction is considered the most important factor of high durability and increased safety of such a modern structure.

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What are granaries built for?

Granaries are specially decorated places with equipment, created to store collected grain, which for certain reasons is not sent for processing. The main function of such a structure is the minimization of various costs of the company that is engaged in its implementation. The owner of such a granary is exempt from the costs of paying for possible storage of the harvested crop with any persons.

The presence of a grain storage facility in an agrarian company significantly increases the level of success of modern business, which is connected with the sale and further processing of various types of grain crops. It is important for some customers to sell them in the period of higher prices, other customers strive for a cheap purchase. Temporal seasonality plays an important significant role. Thus, in autumn, the price of grain is minimal, and the market supply exceeds the level of existing demand. With the onset of spring, a different situation is observed. But all subjects of the modern market of grain sales necessarily need spacious grain warehouses.

This important agricultural facility has a simple appearance and at the same time has a large area with the maintenance of optimal suitable conditions for the storage of various types of grain crops. Such buildings are equipped with modern ventilation systems, devices for controlling the level of humidity and ambient temperature. If necessary, grain drying can be carried out in the built granaries.

Due to the high humidity and rather unstable weather conditions, various crops require the presence of a volume chamber for the drying process, arranged in such a spacious granary. Granaries must be equipped with modern mechanization for working with grain, which provides an opportunity to optimize transport costs.

The frameless type of granary under construction is the best option for high-quality storage and monitoring of dried and cleaned harvested grain. At the same time, after drying and cleaning, there are no special requirements for storing the stored grain. At the same time, there is no need to install complex ventilation systems, the structure only needs to track humidity indicators, as well as the number of insects in the grain layer.

Безкаркасні зерносховища Херсон Планета РС
Безкаркасні зерносховища Херсон Планета РС
Безкаркасні зерносховища Херсон Планета РС

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the planned turnkey construction of granaries is carried out according to the individual dimensions provided or using the project of a standard form available to us. The construction of granaries is carried out in a fairly short time, while the costs incurred for building material, transport, and overhead costs are lower compared to the costs of building a capital-type building.

Ordering the construction of frameless hangars in our company is the right decision for you, as it will save time and money. We will build frameless hangars for you in any corner of Ukraine at the best price.

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