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Concrete parking lot.

Concrete parking lot.

Concrete parking lots.

Concrete is becoming a popular alternative to asphalt. However, many companies and homeowners still have questions about the correct installation of a concrete parking lot. Determine the ideal thickness for your concrete parking lot, learn about the benefits of choosing concrete, and find a local concrete contractor who can provide you with a safe and secure parking lot for years to come. In the city of Kherson and the Kherson region, this is the construction company LLC “Planeta RS”, which offers a wide range of goods and services and performs various types of concrete works.

Парковка з бетону.

Advantages of concrete over asphalt.

Although concrete parking services may seem more expensive than asphalt parking services, you can expect to save money over the life of your parking lot. Concrete can last up to 30 years with proper care. Durability is one of the advantages of concrete parking. Concrete is easier to maintain and more durable than asphalt.

On the other hand, asphalt requires regular maintenance every five to seven years. Otherwise, you’ll see significant dents, cracks, and minor defects that can affect your customer satisfaction.

Investment in concrete allows you to avoid constant expensive maintenance of asphalt. On asphalt parking lots, potholes occur much more often due to sub-zero temperatures or deformations due to high temperatures. Although the initial cost of an asphalt parking lot is lower, over time you can lose more money in repairs and restoration of such a surface.

Парковка з бетону.

If you choose professional concrete maintenance services offered by Planet RS LLC, you will like the end result of our joint work – convenient and efficient parking. Many concrete and asphalt parking lots are built without proper drainage and low gutters to collect water. When your parking lot has standing water and sub-zero temperatures, it can easily crack and warp. Standing water dramatically shortens the life of your parking lot, so be sure to choose a service provider that will design proper drainage for your parking lot.

For all your first-class concrete contracting services in the city of Kherson and in the region, contact the construction company “Planeta RS” LLC. Our reliable team offers affordable and effective solutions for all your specific needs. Talk to our concrete specialists to discuss the appropriate parking lot thickness for your specific project. Don’t settle for uneven, poorly drained concrete, because with us you will see all the benefits of a professional concrete surface that will last for a long time and provide convenient parking in your home or commercial project.