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Construction vehicles

Construction vehicles

Construction machinery, types of concrete mixers.

A concrete mixer is a machine with special equipment that mixes cement with water and an aggregate such as sand or crushed stone. They are used in construction and serve for the production and delivery of fresh concrete to construction sites.

аренда міксера бетон

Portable, non-portable and auto concrete mixer (mixer).

Concrete mixers are divided into three groups: portable, non-portable and self-propelled concrete mixers (mixers). Portable concrete mixers are used for small volume jobs, they have wheels and with the help of a rotating drum, it mixes the ingredients so that the concrete can be directly produced on the construction site. Unfortunately, portable concrete mixers have a big drawback – they require a long mixing time, and the concrete is often poorly mixed.

The non-portable concrete mixer is attached to the truck and equipped with special equipment. It is able to deliver concrete to the construction site. The first truck-mounted concrete mixer was invented in 1958, before that concrete had to be mixed on the construction site.

аренда міксера бетон

Concrete pump

The truck concrete mixer is equipped with a spiral blade that rotates the drum in one direction to mix the concrete. When the drum turns in the other direction, the concrete is poured out. Concrete pumps are also often used because the truck cannot get as close as possible to the structure for placing the concrete. Truck concrete pumps pump liquid concrete through hoses to the place where it is needed.

LLC “Planeta RS” offers a wide range of trucks for rent: dump trucks, concrete pumps, concrete mixers and automixers.

Dump truck.

The term dump truck refers to a wide range of trucks of this type for various purposes. These differences are reflected in the design. There are dump trucks that are mounted on the chassis or coupled to a tractor as a trailer.

Dump trucks are available in various sizes. Small dump trucks have a vehicle width of only 1.5 m, but a load capacity of about 1 m3 and are usually used for utility purposes. They are used, for example, to remove waste. The heaviest dump trucks that are allowed on public roads are capable of transporting 8-15 tons of material. They have high steel sides.

The largest dump trucks are used in open developments, for example, in stone quarries, and can transport up to 400 tons! These are the largest dump trucks in the world. Between these and ordinary dump trucks are heavy-duty dump trucks. These are semi-trailers or trailers with a moving floor with dump bodies. They are usually used in civil construction. Dump trucks are designed for the transportation of bulk materials. For this, manufacturers equip them with appropriate hydraulic systems. They can lift up to 25 m3. These semi-trailers are available in rear tipper and three-way tipper versions. They can transport up to 30 tons.

In the 1920s, no one dreamed of such gigantic masses, when the first modern dump trucks with hydraulic systems were invented, although they were also a huge advance. Cranes and excavators are often used in agriculture and transport. But even when electric motors and diesel trucks were used, there were no innovative solutions for quickly unloading bulk materials such as grain, sand or coal. This was improved with the development of hydraulic systems.

For the completeness of the picture, it must be said that there are also semi-trailers for the transportation of tanks with liquids or gases and tanks. Some special manufacturers offer not only dump trucks, but also dump trailers and tipping bridges for installation on various types of trucks.

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