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Concrete floors for warehouses

Concrete floors for warehouses

Concrete warehouse floors.

Concrete floors are used in commercial and residential facilities, and have also become a popular design element. While industrial concrete floors are now used in residential buildings as well, they are still one of the most durable and effective flooring options for warehouses. Let’s consider the reasons:

  • Leveling – an even and smooth concrete floor can be achieved as a result of exceptional leveling due to precise laying techniques.
  • Durability – Concrete floors are the most durable flooring option for warehouses due to the complex process they go through.
  • Aesthetics – concrete floors are aesthetic and will add a neat look to your warehouse.

Concrete floors in warehouses have many advantages. If you would like to learn more about how our concrete flooring options can improve your warehouse, contact us today. The Planeta RS company offers various options for concrete floors for warehouses.

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Industrial concrete floors.

Our industrial concrete warehouse floors are poured to exacting specifications to ensure they last. Industrial concrete floors are one of the most widely used floors for facing parking lots, sidewalks and other industrial facilities and areas. They are exposed to high traffic and constant movements of vehicles and heavy equipment, so it is necessary to lay such floors properly.

Commercial concrete floors.

Warehouses are commercial real estate and we guarantee that our concrete floors will transform your warehouse into an attractive property. One of the most popular concrete floors for warehouses is polished concrete.

Polished concrete floors have become popular in the warehouse industry for two main reasons: they are incredibly durable and resistant to constant foot traffic, and they also have an exceptional shine. Polished concrete is a universal solution for your warehouse tasks. It goes through a very complex process (including sealing and polishing) that makes it incredibly durable. Polished stock concrete is generally very easy to maintain because it does not require sealants or wax. Simply wet the mop with a neutral pH detergent every now and then.

Polished concrete can sometimes lose its shine, polish it with a standard concrete buffer to restore the shine. If this does not help, you can re-polish the concrete floor with a fine-grained abrasive.

Бетонні підлоги для складу

Maintenance of concrete floors in warehouses.

A concrete floor is usually easy to maintain due to its strength and smooth surface. Concrete floor care in warehouses offers several advantages when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, because:

  • there are no joints, grout lines or areas where dirt could accumulate;
  • resistant to water, stains and abrasion (with proper sealing);
  • easy to maintain and clean;
  • you need to renew the sealant every few years.

To keep the shape of the concrete floor in warehouses, you should remember some care tips:

  • using floor mats in high traffic areas to reduce the need for maintenance;
  • spills must be cleaned quickly and efficiently so that they do not soak into the concrete;
  • use microfiber cleaning products for dry or wet cleaning.

If you have painted concrete in your warehouse, additional maintenance is likely to be required. However, cleaning it is usually very simple:

  • regularly dry or moisten the mop so that the concrete is not exposed to dirt and abrasion;
  • for deeper cleaning (from time to time) use a neutral pH cleaner and water;
  • protect concrete floors in warehouses with a strong film-forming sealant and wax.

Safety of concrete floors in warehouses.

Security in commercial real estate is paramount. Maintenance of concrete floors in warehouses is very important, as the floor can become a safety hazard if it is damaged over time. Warehouses are usually subject to heavy foot and vehicle traffic, so it is important to always maintain concrete floors at a high level.