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Order and delivery of concrete

Order and delivery of concrete

Order and delivery of commercial concrete

    With all the equipment, tools, and materials that need to be purchased for concrete work, it’s easy to overlook the obvious—the concrete itself. Never leave the concrete order for the last day, it is better to do it a little in advance. Since the material serves as the basis for the entire project, its quality and suitability for work are of primary importance.

Your first step is to find a reliable ready mix concrete supplier who can deliver the material you need at the right time and at the right price. Learn here about the entire concrete ordering process, including how to choose a concrete supplier, when and how to place your order, and what to expect when the concrete is delivered to the construction site. You will also learn why it is important to choose the right concrete mix and what materials make up a good concrete mix. In addition, you will find advice on choosing a concrete mix according to the conditions of the construction site and the type of decorative work you are performing.

Замовлення і доставка бетону

Вибір постачальника бетону.

    Your goal when choosing a concrete mix supplier is to get a good product at a fair price.

      First, choose the supplier closest to your home or workplace. After all, the concrete must be unloaded from the truck within 1.5 hours after mixing, so the further the concrete mix manufacturer is from your work, the higher the probability of a problem. Also, the further the delivery distance, the more expensive it will be to transport the material.

    Second, get referrals from people who have recently done similar work or used the services of the vendor you are interested in. You can simply call the concrete suppliers and ask them to answer the questions you have about the last two or three jobs.

    Third, when you choose a qualified company for the production of ready-mix concrete mixtures, call this company and clarify the price. Also ask how long it takes for them to fulfill the order and if you will receive the concrete at the time you need.

Замовлення і доставка бетону

Concrete order planning.

      Make an order in advance, first consider, then discuss all the nuances with a representative of the supplier:

  • The amount of concrete you calculated, get their opinion.
  • Discuss any impurities.
  • Check the availability of a site for ready mix trucks.

  If you need more than one truck, discuss the order interval. Explain what you want to achieve in the end result and figure out the best combination of materials to achieve that result.

    In the city of Kherson, there is a large manufacturer of construction materials, LLC “Planeta RS”, which is engaged in the production of concrete, reinforced concrete products, paving slabs, metal structures and industrial floors. The company acts both as a manufacturer and as a provider of construction services.

“Planeta RS” LLC has its own vehicle fleet and special construction equipment, provides services for the transportation of concrete, bulk building materials, and construction cargo in Kherson and the Kherson region. Contact “Planeta RS” LLC, which will provide you with a guarantee of timely delivery of the cargo without unnecessary costs and overpayments.